Key Suppliers

Central Technologies

Central Technologies is a leading provider of quality inductive components and industry standard magnetics to major OEMs worldwide. This breadth of product has allowed Central Technologies to successfully compete with other major component manufacturers.


An OEM supplier, the company sets global standards in the field of electrical connection technology. The Weidmüller product portfolio ranges from terminal blocks, PCB connectors and terminals, protected components and relay sockets to power supply and over voltage protection modules suitable for all applications.

SB Electronics

SB Electronics, Inc. Designs and Manufactures the most reliable film capacitors for today's demanding applications. SBE, a former Sprague Electric company. SBE's standard manufacturing lead time of 3-4 weeks is the fastest in the industry; but when an urgent situation arises and you need parts sooner, then ask GC Components about our Quick Cap™ Program. In most cases SBE can ship product within 7-10 days. 

APM Hexseal

APM HEXSEAL specializes in the design and manufacture of molded elastomeric rubber dynamic seals for environmental protection of electrical controls for industrial, marine, consumer, and military applications.

Curtis Instruments

Wide selection of miniature AC & DC meter assembly modules for PC board mounting. These modules come in a variety of sizes, voltages and customizable options to fit most applications. Ideal for OEMs, contract manufacturers, and panel makers. 

Tecate Group

Specialist film capacitors products include Ceramic, SMD, electrolytic and tantalum

Tecate is a widely accepted brand name in the United States and is adopted by most major OEMs.   Both discrete and SMD capacitors in plastic, ceramic, electrolytic and tantalum dielectrics are a major strength of the company. Tecate offer some innovative product such as the Power Burst capacitor available in capacitances up to 10 Farad.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact commit to continuously improving their company to enable them to become a World-Class Customer driven Organization that supplies Connection Technology, Control and Interface devices, Surge Protection and Fieldbus Equipment in Components, Systems, Services and Solutions.

With this they are also Valued by Customers in the Electrical, Electronic, Process Control and Automation markets.


Wieland Electric is one of the global technology and innovation leaders in the field of pluggable connections for building system technology and industrial automation..


Würth are a proud and active partner to the automotive repair and refinishing trade. This includes window manufacturers and installers, carpenters, joiners, construction companies, metal fabrication specialists, engineers and kitchen and bedroom manufacturers.

Würth aim to provide quality, product range and support. They have delivered this so much so that they have become one of the World's number one suppliers of assembly products and consumables.


Panasonic are a professional company that specialize in inductors, LED lighting, Bluetooth Modules and Electrolyic Capacitors.


Frequency Technology Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision crystal oscillators including Clock Oscillator ,TCXO ,OCXO and VCXO products.

These products are designed for communications, instrumentation , military and space applications.


IMO has evolved from a highly respected, value added distributor into a primary product source, now responsible for the production of its extensive product portfolio under its own brand. Today the company is focused on achieving growth through the growth and success of its customers. A personal focus unrivalled by the competition.

A leader in the UK, the IMO brand is recognized for its quality, reliability and cost-efficiency in an ever-increasing number of markets worldwide. All products are manufactured to IMO's defined specification, applying rigorous quality and reliability standards and in compliance with all relevant international approvals. Three fully equipped in-house laboratories enable IMO to develop and test new products and work directly with customers to meet application requirements.


Hammond Electronics Inc. is a broad line distributor of electronic, passive and interconnect components.

The Company also offer test & measurement, production supplies and industrial controls to OEM, Government, educational and a wide variety of industrial customers.


Kycon is a leading global supplier dedicated to providing cost effective interconnect solutions of the highest quality. Kycon's first products were D-Sub connectors for the PC, peripheral, industrial control, and test equipment.

Over the years, Kycon has been expanding upon other I/O connectors that have enhanced innovative applications while adding to the D-Sub product mix. Such expansions have included modular jacks, USBs, HDMI™, DC Power Jacks, custom cable capabilities, as well as other customized solutions.


Founded in 1951 by Herbert Steinback in Chicago, IL, Magnecraft began developing relays for industrial applications Today, Magnecraft is proud to be recognized as the most innovative and quality-conscious name in the industry.

They also stay ahead by creating the most feature-rich, highest-rated and cost-effective relays, sockets and accessories available.


The demise of the Power Concepts, Inc. International Power Electronics Conference (1975-1984), better known by its registered service mark POWERCON, left the power electronics industry without a conference focused on the working engineer.

There were other power electronics conferences, such as the more specialized IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference (PESC), but these were generally oriented more towards publishing of advanced research than solving the problems of the day.


Assemtech Europe Limited, as a leading designer and manufacturer of switch and sensor products, can supply solutions to most of your switching and sensing problems. Thier range of products include proximity sensors, movement and vibration sensors, acceleration sensors, tilt/ tip-over sensors and level sensors.


Finder plc is the UK subsidiary of Finder SpA, Europe's largest independent manufacturer of relays, timers, sockets and accessories. With subsidiaries and agents throughout the world Finder is represented in all industrialized markets.

The extensive Finder relay range includes sub-miniature pcb types for signal and power switching, plug-in general purpose and interface relays and heavy duty chassis mounting devices with Faston connectors. A comprehensive range of timers comprising 35mm rail mounting, plug-in and modular types are available as multi function, multi voltage and multi range styles or dedicated specific function types. Finder also manufactures a wide range of sockets for pcb, chassis and rail mounting, together with plug-in indication and suppression modules to support it's relay and timer products.

Hasco Relays

Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp. has been in the business of Relays, Reed Switches and Reed Relays since 1976.



Founded in 1985, Hittite Microwave Corporation designs and develops high performance integrated circuits (ICs), modules, subsystems and instrumentation.

These components are used for technically demanding radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave applications covering the frequency range of DC to 110 GHz.

Murr Elektronik

Murr Elektronik provide a range of supplies that include relays and opto-couples, distribution boxes, I/O systems, motor suppression and bus modules.

The Company also supply other components such as distribution cables, contractor suppression, solenoid valve connectors, power supplies, mains filters and transformers.


DIOTEC Electronics Corporation is a major manufacturer of industry standard and custom power diodes and rectifiers. We provide our customers with diodes and rectifiers of superior quality at competitive prices. This superior quality results from using an advanced, computer controlled, vacuum die soldering process, which enables silicon chips to be soldered to metal with exceptional consistency and void free quality.

Thus, DIOTEC diodes and bridge rectifiers have superior heat dissipation, cooler junction temperatures, lower leakage currents, and reduced thermal stress. Additionally, the high quality die attachment allows the diodes survive mechanical shock without bond failure, another common problem with most offshore "cheap" diodes.


Airborn specializes in electronic development, circuit design, PCB layout, prototyping, and programming.

All the parts of Electronics Research and Development needed to build a new product.

Royal Ohm

This Company specialises in resistor components.


Founded in 1928, Stackpole Electronics is a leading global supplier of resistive components.

These components include Thick and Thin Film Surface Mount resistors, Axial Leaded and Wirewound resistors, Current Sense resistors, Varistors, Inductors and various Power Resistors.


Venkel is on the Authorized Vendor List (AVL) of most major manufacturers as well as OEMs and contract manufacturers.

Venkel components are used for a wide range of applications in industrial and consumer electronics, computers, telecommunication, aerospace and automotive industries.


Since 1983 LEDtronics has been the leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly low power usage, long life LED bulbs and LED lamps as direct replace to incandescent bulbs.


Rosenberger, founded in 1958, is one of the leading manufacturers of high-frequency coaxial connectors worldwide.

Thier products play a key-role in many high-tech industries, e.g. telecommunication , automotive electronics, test & measurement applications, medical electronics, data systems, etc.

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